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Eskywell LLC



21 N Main Street, Clarkston, Michigan, 48346

© 2020 by Eskywell LLC

We are a company founded

on the values and ideals

we want to be around daily.

What's in a name?

Short answer: Eskywell ( S- key - well) is the name of an old farm in Scotland.  We are guessing that doesn't really answer your question.  So here's the longer answer:

We knew we wanted a simple name that reflected our values.  More about who we are rather than what we do.  At heart, like you, we are entrepreneurs. We think that starting a business is a giant, wonderful, life changing adventure. We wanted a name that reflected the journey, hard work, dedication, courage and resilience that entrepreneurs have.  So we chose an old farm in Scotland.

Eskywell was home to a young man who was born into a farming family.  Not being the oldest son, he was destined to spend his life working for others - putting food on someone else's table and waiting for the leftovers.  Unsatisfied, he left his home and his country to find something more.  With only a small trunk of possessions, he went to a new county and joined the Army.  He served bravely in war and then went to work on a railroad car.  He raised a family on a railroad man's wages and built a legacy that has lasted generations.

To us, the name Eskywell honors the roots from which we come, while acknowledging that sometimes we all look for more.  It reflects the courage an entrepreneur needs to venture into the unknown.  It symbolizes the fighting spirit of those who have come before us and the legacy we will leave for those after us.

Some might think that it's too personal for a business name, but the truth is that when you talk to us about your business or your business ideas, you are letting us in on your very personal desires, goals and fears, so it's only fair we let you in on ours too.     

We strive to be the

change we want to see

in the world.

Our Values

Every day we are guided by our values and our mission to improve people's lives by improving people's businesses.

We believe that success can be had by business owners who work to live instead of live to work.  We don't believe in the 24/7 mantra preached by so called "experts" online but believe in finding time for family, for fun and to disconnect.


We believe a lot of time, money and hassle could by saved if people stood by their word rather than standing behind a lawyer that protects them if they don't.  

We make mutually beneficial agreements rather than binding contracts and it is our belief that if we do our job well you'll come back for more. 

We also believe that for as hard as starting a business is, it can and should be fun.  We embrace positivity and optimism and love the motto "whether you think you can or you think you can't - you are right." 

Our actions are driven by a desire to do business in a respectful, transparent and trustworthy manner and we hope to instill that desire in each of our clients.