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Improving people's  lives and communities by improving people's businesses.

Our Values

Our mission is truly the central focus of our operation.  At Eskywell we firmly believe that the effect of helping just one business survive can ripple through an entire community.  We do this by making quality, professional, business development and marketing resources affordable and available to people who usually wouldn't have access to those services.  Along with affordable services, we operate with fairness, transparency, honesty and trust and encourage all of our partners to adopt the same values in their day to day operations.

Process is critical to Eskywell.  While there are countless documented and undocumented processes we all use everyday, our over arching process is the A.I.M. process.  Created by our founder and his business partner almost 10 years ago, A.I.M. stands for Analyze, Implement, Maintain and its flexible and cyclical nature mean it can be applied in a variety of situations.  It's the key to our entire business development system as well as the best way to troubleshoot individual issues as they arise.  Knowing the simple stages of the process we work with helps us stay on the same page with our partners, communicate effectively and solve problems efficiently.

Our Process

Our Team


Christina grew up in southeast Michigan and has an appreciation for the small businesses that make up the backbone of many of the "Main Street Towns" that are found throughout the area.  Her passion for helping these businesses prosper is immediately evident in her work and the amount of time she dedicates to her clients.

With expertise in small business marketing, website and graphic design and strategy development, Christina provides clients with a range of marketing services to help accomplish their goals.  Clients looking to expand and improve their digital presence, their branding and their overall image are in great hands with Christina. 




Reach Christina directly at

Eskywell Founder Brandon

Brandon got started in his career working for a small family owned business and saw first hand the effect that good business development advice can have on a small business.  College led Brandon into the world of corporate sales where he flourished as one of the company's sales leaders in Michigan.  During this time, Brandon and a friend started their first business providing interior design services.  Another opportunity led to the start of a distribution company and from there a marketing company was formed to provide both internal and external support.  The steady influx of opportunities eventually led to the creation of a small business network that involved Brandon directly in the creation or assistance of over 20 different businesses.


Now Brandon provides affordable business development services to small businesses, start ups, entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the Midwest.  Brandon uses an educational background in Economics, Management and International Business along with over a decade of experience building businesses from the ground up to provide easy to follow, proven and reliable business development advice to people in a wide variety of industries and from all walks of life.       

Reach Brandon directly at

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Emily joins Eskywell as an intern from Albion College where she is going into her senior year. At school, she is the president of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and a member of the women basketball team. In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball, working out, spending time with family, and playing with her dogs.


She looks forward to all of the great experiences that she will gain and people that she will meet from working with Eskywell over the summer.

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