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C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  V  E

More than an office...

In the past it was all about the office - the corner, the view, the size... that's the past.  Now we want more than an office.  We want to communicate, collaborate and be comfortable in an environment that produces synergy by tearing down the walls, opening doors, sharing desks and working together.  We have a great opportunity to bring this concept, to Clarkston, MI. 


Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the answer to the flexible work arrangements that the modern work force is demanding and they are the cradle of innovation as startups, inventors and entrepreneurs seek financially responsible and flexible spaces to grow their companies. 



Clarkston is continuing to attract new community members who are looking for a great place to live, raise a family and be a part of an active community.  Now more than ever, these individuals are able to move to Clarkston without disrupting their work life due to the ever increasing remote working opportunities.  However, Clarkston has failed to provide an adequate space for people who are looking for a professional, comfortable, modern and affordable place to work when the house won't cut it. 

The office spaces on Main Street provide a unique opportunity to fill that gap and help attract even more talented, smart, community minded individuals to Clarkston. 

How It Works

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