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Looking for a self-motivated, eager to learn intern with a strong interest in entrepreneurship, small business development,  sales and marketing and business management.

About Eskywell

Eskywell provides business development services to business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and inventors.  These services focus on three key areas: Research, Planning and Process development.  Within those areas, our tasks can vary greatly and we work with each client individually to ensure that we deliver results that will have a measurable effect on their business.  

The intern will work directly with Brandon Still - owner and founder of Eskywell - and an established network of vendors and independent contractors.  Typical duties will include business research, assisting with presentations to clients, helping develop business plans and sales/marketing strategies.  


A typical work week would be a 3-4 day week, approximately a 20 - 25 hour week.  Work would be conducted at our coworking center in Clarkston, MI at 21 N Main Street, Clarkston, MI, 48346.


Applicants are expected to have their own laptop computer, regular access to the internet/emails and general working knowledge of Microsoft office tools, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Other tools that will be used include Trello and Dropbox. 


Intern will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  


Upon successful completion of an internship program, the intern will have gained knowledge of the inner workings of small businesses, have a chance to see the work and process of starting a new company, learn a variety of sales and marketing techniques used by small businesses and have a better understanding of the challenges that small businesses face due to their size, budgets and positioning.

Intern Role

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