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Main Street MI was born from the need for cost effective office space in the Clarkston area.  With a location selected, renovations underway and the doors open for business, Main Street MI came to Eskywell looking for help setting up the operational aspects of the coworking center and making sure they had a digital presence to attract early members.

The Work

The first thing that Eskywell wanted to ensure was that if someone walked in the door and wanted to take out a membership, Main Street MI would be ready to take the payment on the spot.  Along those same lines, it was essential that all of the startup costs were being tracked so that they could be expenses.  Eskywell went to work setting up a bookkeeping and point-of-sale system that was easy to use and maintain. Along with this work, Eskywell went to work creating a simple, easy to use website that would help attract early members.

Next, research went into finding a partner who specialized in membership management - Eskywell found and vetted several candidates before introducing the team at Main Street MI to a vendor who had all the right software to help establish and grow a comprehensive member management plan.  

Lastly, Eskywell wanted to make sure that there was a sales and marketing plan in place that broke down daily tasks, responsibilities and goals so that the team could have focus and clarity during the busy start up period.

Services Used : point-of-sale solutions, bookkeeping, organizational structure, sales and marketing strategy, vendor research, web design


Not only has Main Street MI had an incredibly successful launch, Eskywell and Main Street MI formed a long term partnership with Eskywell relocating into the coworking space and Main Street MI outsourcing most of its operational activities to Eskywell.  The partnership shows the synergy of small businesses working together.  

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