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The Midwest Open flourished in the 1980's and 1990's as one of the largest events of its kind in the country, it had received special recognition from the governor of Michigan and a special group of people wanted it to make a comeback in a new age of digital advertising, social media and act as its own entity instead of being run by an ever changing board of directors at a separate institution.

The Work

Eskywell initiated a partnership to with a feasibility study, looking at whether the historic event still had a place, availability of funding and support and if there was demand for the event.  This was followed closely by a detailed business plan, looking at all aspects of running the event from setting up an entity and bank accounts to initial funding and through completion.  The organizers of the event needed a hands on approach and utilized all of Eskywell's services to deliver quickly and efficiently. 

Services Used : feasibility study, consumer demographic research, pro forma financial analysis and creation, business plan development, growth strategy, fund raising strategy, organizational structure


Over a year of preparation and work led to the most successful event in the Midwest Open's history.  Records were set in fundraising, participation and attendance and the organization had a set of plans and processes that simply needed to be maintained and tweaked from year to year.  

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