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Eskywell LLC



21 N Main Street, Clarkston, Michigan, 48346

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We build custom solutions to

suit your needs, not ours.

Meet some clients

Probably the best way to give you an idea of what you get when you hire Eskywell is to to introduce you to a few clients.

Meet Meredith.  Meredith reached out to us while she was working for a large, national distributor of home furnishings and decor items.  Meredith spent her days (and nights, and weekends) working directly for the owner of her company.  While technically she was supposed to be running the online side of the business, she spent her days handling her own duties as well as picking up the pieces that dropped between the owner and the manager. 

With her wedding date quickly approaching, Meredith struggled to see herself continuing to work at a company that failed to recognize her extra efforts and she was thinking about starting up her own business.  She wanted something that wouldn't tie her down to just one place to live (her soon to be husband would likely need to move a lot) and she wanted the flexibility to work from an office or on the road as needed.

Meredith reached out with a plan, some solid financial forecasting and a strong desire to pursue a new course that would make her happy to get up in the morning and go to work.  Already armed with great experience and a good network to look to for support, what Meredith needed more than anything was another perspective.  Having gained her experience working for a large business that didn't need to worry about financing, storage space, inventory costs and overall just didn't worry about stretching a dollar, Meredith needed to know that there were other ways of doing things.

We worked with Meredith over the course of 6 months to carefully plan the correct launch of her business.  From naming and branding to operational models and strategic partnerships, we helped put a plan in place that she felt confident in and ensured she would be able to stay in business long enough to establish her name and start getting traction. 

Being out of state, we worked with Meredith remotely.  We checked in for weekly hour long video chats where we went through the previous weeks check list, problem solved and evaluated new possibilities.  Over a year later, we hold monthly maintenance meetings with Meredith - who is happily married, has made two major moves across the county and is happily looking forward to moving back to where she grew up to be closer to her family.

Meet Derek. Derek and his wife Addison reached out with a major problem.  After nearly 40 years of running multiple family businesses together, things were getting tense.  While Derek wanted to keep working, keep earning and stay active, Addison was ready to reap the benefits of decades of hard (and successful) work and relax.  The tension was getting to the point where it was causing major arguments and they weren't sure what to do.

They reached out to Eskywell to see if we could build a system that would minimize the day to day drudgery of owning and operating businesses, while still allowing Derek to have meetings, make deals and keep changing the world one invention at a time.  Organization, communication and bookkeeping were all issues they pinpointed as causing a lot of day to day stress.


Excited by a big project, we dug in and got to work. After carefully listening to the couples goals (Pt. B), the first step was to get a very clear picture of where things were (Pt. A).  We mapped out a structure that included seven LLCs, 5 websites, at least a dozen emails and another dozen phone numbers listed throughout their marketing materials.  We also came to realize that there was no digital data system, all documents from any business were (supposed to be) printed and filed in their home.  

We tackled each area of their operations one at a time - first was their communications, we needed to make sure we weren't missing customers.  We implemented new software to manage all of their phone numbers, we forwarded all emails to a Gsuite account where leads could be evaluated and properly distributed and we established assigned roles and responsibilities for Derek, Addison and their employees so that customers dealt with a knowledgeable representative every time.


Next we dove into bookkeeping and set up their office with Quickbooks point of sale system, integrated their existing credit card processing from their websites and helped connect all of their bank accounts and credit cards so they had one financial command center.  

Finally, we created a detailed organizational chart, complete with roles and responsibilities so that nothing fell through the cracks and no one was left at the end of the day picking up pieces.  9 months later, Derek and Addison are enjoying plenty of vacation time, Derek works when he wants and relaxes when he wants, and Addison checks in when she feels like an update, but otherwise gets to relax and unwind.



Meet Sloan. Sloan runs a full service marketing firm.  Sloan was experiencing a unique issue, he'd invested a lot of time and money in generating leads and it was working - he was pitching all day and all night.  So much in fact that he was working way to many hours, missing his son's school events and starting to question if running his own business was still leading to the lifestyle he wanted.  Making things worse was the fact that he had to hire more people to help with the heightened demand and profitability was plummeting.  Feeling lost and out of options, Sloan reached out to Eskywell for help. 

After a couple meetings, Eskywell was hired to try to get things back on track and get Sloan out of the office and back to the lifestyle he was hoping for.  The first thing we did was perform a data flow analysis.  We tracked leads from the moment they encountered marketing materials all the way through to a finished project.

Right away glaring issues were recognized.  Needing profitability, Sloan had implemented a commission structure for all employees.  This caused chaos - rather than having designated people gather information, qualify leads and begin proposals, everyone (from the college intern to Sloan himself) was hoarding incoming leads in hopes of gaining commissions.  Further more, with commissions granted on total project revenue, the team was spending time putting together elaborate and expensive pitches in hopes of landing a whale.  Meanwhile, smaller, but profitable jobs were lost or forgotten about while people clamored over potentially huge commission checks.


The first deliverable we gave Sloan and his team was an extremely detailed and organized data flow chart integrated with a organizational chart that showed where every possible lead should end up in the organization.  This was coupled with standardized documentation to "qualify" each lead and proposal standards for each opportunity.  Sloan like the charts so much that we had a gigantic (about 8ft by 12ft) replica printed and attached to the office wall.


We created a new incentive program that shared success around the whole team, rather than just individuals and everyone was encouraged to work together.  We also created a detailed employee handbook/onboarding guide so that each step of the sales and marketing process was designated and new employees could jump into the system right away.


4 years later, Sloan credits and Eskywell intervention with saving not only his company but his sanity.  The systems and processes we integrated into his company not only increased his profitability, but also created a culture of accountability that allowed Sloan to feel comfortable stepping away from the office, assured that his people knew what was expected and what to do in any situation.  



ps. names have been changed to respect our clients' privacy - message us with the tv show we drew our inspiration from and we will buy you a coffee the next time you are in Clarkston, MI. We'll change it each time someone gets it right!



We offer flexible and

affordable options. 


How we work

We know that every client is different.  Different goals, different needs, different budgets and different timelines.  We offer a variety of arrangements to ensure we can help you no matter what stage you are in.

Every relationship begins with a qualifying conversation.  This could be on the phone, via email or just running into you at the coffee shop. It might only take a couple minutes or it could last a half hour.  It's a two way street,  a quick chance for us all to find out if there is a good reason to dive a little deeper into the possibility of working together.  If you call in, that would be our first conversation.  If you email us, that would be our first few exchanges.

After qualifying, we hold a more in depth (and free, no obligation) "Discovery Meeting".   In person, on the phone, or via video chat, we talk about your goals (Pt B), we talk about your issues and we talk about where you are today (Pt A).  If we are all in agreement after the call, we will put together a proposal for you on how we can get you from where you are today (Pt A) to where you want to be (Pt B).  


Our proposal will take one of the following formats:


(1) Standard Consulting Sessions: the most flexible and affordable option, we will set up a schedule of meetings and during these meetings we will follow a very structured format : time for miscellaneous updates; run through of the previous meetings to do list; trouble shooting any remaining items; trouble shooting new items; evaluating new opportunities and creating a new to do list (this will have items for us as well as you!).  While we love structure, you'd be amazed at how much flexibility is afforded with our style and process.  Typically concept stage entrepreneurs fall into this category - it's affordable, flexible and effective.

(2) In person/On site A.I.M:  for those clients with established businesses and more time sensitive needs, we offer onsite A.I.M. - Analyze, Implement, Maintain.  We work with you and your team to analyze issues, find and implement solutions and then follow up to make sure they are maintained and operating properly.  Examples of this might include improving point of sale, evaluating marketing/sales strategies or creating better work flow.


Every client is different and we take the time to build solutions that specifically meet your needs.  We continually evaluate our own effectiveness and work with you to ensure budget, timelines and objectives are always met.

Services Summarized

Business Development Consulting

Mentoring Sessions


Feasibility Studies


Consumer Demographic Studies


Market Research


Pro Forma Financial Analysis

   and Creation



Product Viability Research

Point-of-sale solutions


Business Plan Development


Investor Package Creation


Fund Raising Strategies


Process Analysis and Development

Organizational Design


Work Flow Documentation

Systems Implementation

Scaling and Growth Strategies

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Web Design