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Our goal is to utilize a variety of specific deliverables to provide overall business development assistance. This allows us to save you time, money and help you to achieve your goals.  Whether you need a sounding board once a month or hands on help developing the processes that run your business over the next 6 months, Eskywell provides affordable and effective services that can assist any small business, entrepreneur or inventor.

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these services come in a variety of packages, but the premise of each is the same - we want you armed with all of the necessary data to make your own critical decisions.  Market research, consumer demographics, pro forma analysis and creation, we look at all aspects of any new idea, plan or product to ensure when you decide to invest your time and resources it is based on quality, unbiased information. 


You'd like to invest in a new business.  After months of discussing, you are excited and ready to pull the trigger - before you start however, you need a third party to verify that the figures you have created are valid, unbiased and to look for risks that you didn't account for.  You can  have Eskywell analyze your existing documentation, or conduct our own study and compare our results with yours.  Either way you are armed with impartial data to make your decision.

You are contemplating introducing a new product to your company's offerings - but you are so busy running your business that you don't have time to fully research the impact of this decision.  Eskywell can take that burden off your back by doing an in depth analysis of demand, cost, pricing, vendors, availability of resources and ending with a financial projection of adding the product to your line.

creating a plan is one of those things that everyone knows they should do, but few want to spend the time to actually create one - better to just get started, right?  Eskywell truly believes in being 100% prepared for any outcome and being ready to act no matter what is thrown at you.  That's why we offer a variety of planning services including business plan development and investor packages. 



You've got a great business idea, you've researched and decided its a feasible idea.  You know the basic premise, but how you are going to set up, get started and kick off operations is still a mystery.  Eskywell can help by working with you to create an in depth business plan that lays out your needs, risks, operational aspects and contingency plans.  We've  yet to find a partner who didn't find the process of creating a formal business plan incredibly eye opening.  

You are ready to take the plunge on a new venture, you've got solid financial projections, a plan in place, but are lacking the funds to get started.  Before you go in front of an investor, you need to be properly prepared, both on paper and in person.  We work with you to prepare custom documentation and a presentation that will get potential investors attention and take you seriously. 

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processes are the heart and soul of your operations.  Everything you do is a process whether you've designed it or not.  From answering the phone to delivering orders, having documented processes allows you to streamline your workflow, determine where mistakes are happening and create accountability.  It's important to start at an appropriate level of detail to ensure that your team isn't hindered by micromanaging, but still has support in place to work efficiently.


As you get ready to start up your business, you want to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks as you work like crazy getting your company off the ground.  Eskywell works with you to create an operations map and create processes of communication between each operational segment.  Designing processes in this manner not only improves work flow and efficiency but also allows for easy scaling of your organization.

You recently noticed that while your marketing strategy is delivering a large volume of incoming inquiries, your sales department is not setting many appointments.  Eskywell works with you to manage the flow of incoming data, to create a systematic process for handling it and ensure that the sales team gets leads promptly and has the tools to follow up and set an appointment. The process is documented, monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure continued success.

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Services Summarized

Business Development Coaching

Mentoring Sessions


Feasibility Studies


Consumer Demographic Studies


Market Research


Pro Forma Financial Analysis

   and Creation



Product Viability Research

Point-of-sale solutions


Business Plan Development


Investor Package Creation


Fund Raising Strategies


Process Analysis and Development

Organizational Design


Work Flow Documentation

Systems Implementation

Scaling and Growth Strategies

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Web Design

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