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Still Tennis was founded to tackle scaling and growth issues of an independent contractor looking to go to the next level.  Needing to find ways to become more structurally organized, recruit staff, market to multiple consumer segments and manage multiple revenue streams, Still Tennis turned to Eskywell for business guidance.

The Work

Still Tennis was targeting a wide segment customers, from individuals to large municipalities, so one step was bringing in a marketing partner to create a sweeping marketing strategy.  As the creative work was underway, Eskywell went to work developing a professional organization structure, assisting in submitting legal documentation and setting the business up to employ a staff of both W-2 and 1099 employees.  As new customers rolled in, Eskywell stayed on board to develop a variety of processes including financial systems, customer data management, customer service and managing growth strategies.

Services Used : business development coaching, business plan development, growth strategy, workflow documentation, process analysis and development, organizational structure, systems implementation


Still Tennis experienced incredible growth.  Leasing large facilities, employing over 30 people and growing a customer based that included multiple municipalities, high schools and colleges as well as professional athletes led to record revenues.  Today, Still Tennis focuses on their maintenance and developing a larger presence on the professional scene.  

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