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Winnoby's founder was extremely successful in the interior design industry and after a move made it impossible to stay in her position, she wanted to put her talents to work for herself. That's where Eskywell stepped in, working with the founder from the initial phases of evaluating her idea to execution.  

The Work

Already armed with a deep knowledge of the industry along with its crowded segments and short comings, Winnoby and Eskywell kicked off work with financial analysis and pre-launch strategies.  We worked hand in hand (although remotely with 5 states between us) to dig deep into the essentials of the financial and funding plans as well as determining the best use of time and resources during the pre-launch stage. After a very hands on initial phase, Winnoby took the plans and ran, executing with incredible speed and accuracy.  The partnership took a focus on maintenance and (see our article on AIM) issues as they arose. 

Services Used : business development coaching, mentoring, pro forma financial analysis and creation, business plan development, growth strategy, fund raising strategy, organizational structure


Winnoby has worked through some huge start up obstacles (including a mid-planning cross country move) to put together an incredible business and is currently launching to incredible success.  Eskywell is proud to have played a role in helping this entrepreneur rise and conquer some extremely difficult challenges and we look forward to continuing to help Winnoby scale and grow.  

We encourage you to visit not only to see some business development coaching in action, but also to check out an incredible selection of home furnishings.

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